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13 Kitchen Storage Items You Never Knew You Needed


The kitchen in my apartment is not big at all. My counter space is pretty limited, and once you throw a microwave on there, there's not much room for anything else.

But I can't just not have things for my kitchen. I started looking in to storage and organization options and let me tell you, there are a ton.

These are some of the best kitchen storage and organization tools that I've found, and I'm sure they'll help you keep your space tidy!

1. Sink Caddy

A wet sponge sitting on the counter is a breeding ground for bacteria, and it leaves a mess. The sink caddy keeps everything in one spot, and allows your cloths and sponges to air dry!

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2. Bakeware Rack

I have so many baking trays and muffin tins that just end up cluttered under the sink in no particular order. This rack keeps things together and easy to find, so I don't have to empty the cabinet and search every time I need something.

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3. Utensil Drawer Organizer

Not everyone has the counter space to keep their larger utensils out in the open, but a utensil drawer with no order is a recipe for disaster. This organizer lays everything out flat and allows you to find what you need quickly.

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4. Under-The-Sink Storage

There's so much wasted space under the sink, but this rack helps maximize storage!

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5. Food Storage Containers

Half the battle when it comes to storage issues is not being organized. These containers will help keep everything in its place, and also help keep the food inside them fresh!

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6. Lid Storage

My Tupperware drawer is a mess, and most of that is because there are lids all over the place. This rack keeps everything together, and allows you to quickly find what lid you need.

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7. Door Storage

The back of your door is a perfectly good location for storage! Just make sure you'll still be able to close the door with this rack on it.

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8. Rubbermaid Food Storage

No kitchen is complete with a great set of food storage containers. These are able to stack, which makes them a lot more convenient to store in a drawer.

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9. Wall Mount Pantry

Your kitchen is crawling with storage space, you just need the right tools to use it! This wall mount can also go on the back of a door, making it a great addition for your pantry space.

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10. Fridge Storage

Clutter makes your kitchen seem even smaller, and yes that even counts the fridge. Having everything laid out is a stress-free way of organizing your kitchen and not fussing around when you're in it.

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11. Can Rack Organizer

I have a lot of canned soups and veggies, because I find they're great when I'm not really in the mood to cook. Though they're convenient, the cans end up taking a lot of space in the cupboard. By using this rack, you can eliminate the clutter and add some space.

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12. Plastic Bag Holder

My current plastic bag holder is just a GIANT plastic bag under the sink. This is a more convenient way to store your bags while saving under-the-sink space.

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13. Pan Rack

This is a total game changer. You can use this rack for pot lids or pans, and either way it'll save you frustration!

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Which one do you need?

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