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Abandoned Kitten Given 50% Chance Of Survival, But One Woman's Love Brought Her Back From The Brink

At only 4-weeks-old, this calico was left outside an office, alone and scared. They weren't sure that she would make it through the weekend, but after one woman meets her, she knew she had to do whatever it took to save her.

"One of my coworkers found her outside of my office on April 7. I'm the resident cat lady so they called me to come down and see her," reddit user hrtofdixie said. "She was skin and bones, covered in briars and brambles from being in the bushes and her eyes were crusted shut from an infection."

As soon as she picked up little Finley, she started to purr with all her might. She only weighed half a pound, and her temperature was dangerously low, she she immediately took her to the vet.

"We got some ointment for her crusty eyes, a sign of infection, and she was prescribed a pretty healthy dose of antibiotics."

After taking her home, she put together a makeshift bed using a large storage tub with a heading pad inside for the little kitten to rest in.  

"I was up with her every few hours making sure she was ok. She didn't eat very well at first, probably just trying to rest. The vet gave her a 50/50 shot of making it through the weekend, but I had to at least try."

That's when her fortunes changed thanks to the help of the kind stranger.

"After being up with her every couple of hours through the night, she was starting to come to life. We cleaned out her eyes (didn't want to touch anything until the vet said it was ok) and began treating with some ointment and antibiotics."

After she was feeling better, little Finley climbed up into her lap for some snuggles, purring up a storm help reassure her new human friend. After a couple of days of constant love and care, her eyes cleared up and she began to eat.

"After some steady food and some forced water from a syringe (she wasn't interested in drinking herself), she was feeling better."

Now that she had gain some strength, her human gave her a much-needed bath with Dawn soap to help remove the fleas that plagued her fur.

"She actually enjoyed the warm water... Little girl was so happy to have a full belly and no more dirt and brambles on her."

With every day that passed Finley became more playful and energetic. After a month had passed, the little kitten had tripled her weight!

"Once we finished the antibiotics and the eye ointment, I took her to my regular vet to get checked out. In 4 weeks she gained over a pound and weighed in at 1.7 pounds."

"Her personality is just the sweetest. She loves to play and is such a ham."

"She's always bouncing around and forcing her way in for attention. I'd like to think she's happy here!"

After 2 months Finley had changed from a little fragile kitten to strong, healthy cat.

"A couple vet visits later, some vaccinations, and lots of TLC and she's turned into the sweetest, funniest, feistiest little thing. I wasn't going to keep her but how could I not?"

"She is happy and healthy and I love her more than words can describe. She's full of attitude, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"

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Source: Love Meow