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Kitten Regains Eye Sight After Getting Help From a Doggy Donor

A litter of feral kittens were rescued from the elements just in time to save their lives.

"These angels were born on the street to a feral mum cat, they were exposed to the cold, rain, disease and parasites that their poor mum could not protect them from."

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These four little kittens were taken to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, where they were said to be so weak they wouldn't have survived another day in the wild.

"Their mum had given birth to them under a shed, she has now been spayed," Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary said.

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They suffered from a flu that had spread to their lungs, which gave them pneumonia. The infections in their eyes had been so bad they weren't able to see.

"These pictures do not even show the true extent of their eye problems: the tics and fleas crawling all over them as they slowly died off after their treatments and the sounds they were making simply trying to breathe."

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Unfortunately the little girl didn't make it, but her brothers were fighting hard to survive.

"They had fleas like I have never seen (work in a vet's and done rescue for 15 years) ticks, flu, eye ulcers, conjunctivitis, starving, dehydrated and anemia," their foster mom, Heather said.

That's when one of the kitten's eyes stopped responding to the drops.

The vet then suggested something out of the ordinary to help the poor animal.

He suggested using canine blood to help treat the eye infection.

"We needed a dog blood donor to spin the blood down and make serum to use as drops. We use dogs' blood to reduce the risks of species specific viruses, etc," Heather said.

That's when Harlie the Great Dane stepped up to help.

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"Ideally you would use the animal's own blood but clearly that's not an option with these little ones."

The special drops were made and doctors immediately saw improvement in the kitten.

"Zephyr's eye suddenly started to respond to the special serum drops so we are quietly optimistic he may get to save it after all."

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Little Zouse can see again with gorgeous bright eyes.

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"10 days of TLC, nursing, and medication has paid off."

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All the kittens's eyes have cleared up and they can breathe much better, they even are more playful and energetic.

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"Zee, Zephyr and Zouse are all doing really well and coming on in leaps and bounds."

It's amazing what a few weeks of love can do!

Source: Love Meow