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Kittens Stuck In A Storm Drain Seem Doomed, But Watch This Clever Rescue [Video]

We like to joke about cats getting stuck in trees, but all pets deserve to be safe and happy, so anyone who rescues an animal in distress is a hero in our book.

Of course, some rescues are simpler than others. If a cat gets stuck on your roof all you need to save them is a ladder, but what if they're holed up in a tiny drain pipe 60 feet from the entrance?

That's exactly the situation this cat and her 4 kittens found themselves in. Thankfully, Help for Paws had a brilliant plan to rescue them.

We've written about Help for Paws before. This rescue group has saved a lot of animals in some very dangerous situations, including these puppies hiding in a cave.

This time, they had to use all of their wits to rescue these cats. Stuck too far into the pipe for anyone to pull them out, the team had to use a camera mounted on a RC car and a extra-long pole to push the kittens out,

It was a pretty risky operation, but thankfully everything worked out well and the cats are in good shape.

Honestly, I wish I was as creative as these heroes!

Hope for Paws

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