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This Is What The Shape Of Your Bottom Has To Say About Your Health

Believe it or not, one surefire indicator of a person's health can be identified by a single 'booty' part. As we already know, excessive fat storage anywhere on our bodies is not particularly healthy.

Doctors warn us often about putting on body fat near the chest and stomach that can become a detriment to our health. However, a bigger booty doesn't necessarily mean you've got an unhealthy body.

Find out what the shape of your bottom says about your overall health.

Square Bottom:


If your booty is 'H-shaped' you carry a bit of weight around your love handles, or it is caused by having high hip bones. This can make your bottom look flat and wide, which could indicate that you might have a bit of extra fat around your tummy.

Circle Bottom:


They say round booties are "good and healthy." Fat is evenly distributed, otherwise there is a little excess fat at the bottom of your glutes.

Heart Shaped Bottom:


Although it's considered the most 'desirable' bottom shape, it could indicate that there is extra weight stored in the upper thighs. Women with heart-shaped booties tend to lose fat in that area faster as they age, but they might find that they gain it more in their mid-section later in life.

Triangle Bottom:


Characterized by being wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. Most evident in older women, you will find that the fat stores move to other areas of the body with age. Be mindful not to allow too much weight gain around your middle to protect from future heart and blood pressure complications.