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Koala Stuck Behind Car Wheel Goes On A 10 Mile Road Trip

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A koala has survived a deathly 10 mile car ride clinging to the axle of a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The accidental hitchhiker was taken on a road trip until the driver stopped when he heard the wailing of the traumatized animal. The frightened animal was hanging on for dear life.

The koala behind the wheel's arch
Jane Brister

The koala had crawled into the tiny space while the car was parked in the hills of the outskirts of Adelaide, Australia.

Stunned firefighters and animal rescue workers were immediately called to extract the koala - later named Kelli - from inside the wheel's arch, where they had to remove the tire.

The koala trapped behind the wheel

"I could smell her burnt fur," Jane Brister from the Fauna Rescue charity told Reuters. “It would have been hot in there.”

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