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Kris Jenner Shares Mammogram Photos To Help "Save Lives"

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One of the biggest perks of being a celebrity is that your voiced gets to be heard, and if you're a Kardashian-Jenner, then your opinions will likely reach hundreds of millions of people around the world.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

Fortunately, Kris Jenner is using her Instagram page as an outlet to raise awareness about an important issue.

The mother of six shared a photo of a mammogram machine to raise awareness of breast cancer, encouraging fellow women to get the exam.

According to breastcancer.org, approximately one in eight American women will develop an invasive form of breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

And this year alone, more than 260,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in U.S. women.

The 62-year-old reality star wasn't shy to share her breast cancer exam experience with her 21 million followers, knowing full well that it could save a life.

"I spent my morning at Cedars Sinai Medical Center with this little baby today... just reminding everyone to go get their mammogram!! So important and can save lives," she captioned her first photo.

Kris added that her mother and dozens of her friends are breast cancer survivors.

"Do this in honor of your loved ones. I know all of us have someone in our lives who have dealt with cancer. Love you guys!!!"

Thousands of her fans commented on her post, admiring her openness about the subject and sharing their own cancer stories.

"Thank you for sharing and reminding," one person wrote.

"I'm 9 months survivor," another shared.

After receiving an outpouring of support, Kris posted another photo of her exam.

Kris stresses the importance of double checking with an ultrasound machine just in case an abnormality isn't visible with a mammogram.

"After I had the mammogram this morning I also got a breast ultrasound with this machine, just to double triple check..."

The reality star says the exam takes only a small chunk of time out of your day, but that it could be a life-saver.

[T]his took about 15 minutes each side and gets under the arm, breast and nearer the chest in the middle ... didn't hurt at all just some pressure...and very thorough...."

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