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Krispy Kreme Adds A New Item To Their Menu And They Say It's The First In The World

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Donut lovers, prep your sweet tooth, because Krispy Kreme has come out with a new dessert that'll have you salivating for hours.

Dubbed the "Kreme Shake," the new desert consists of an entire Original Glazed donut, blended with milk, ice cream, and vanilla syrup, and topped off with whipped cream. The company said the milkshake the first of its kind.

The mouthwatering milkshake is also served with an Original Glazed donut on the side, for maximum enjoyment.

It also comes in three flavors, the Original Glazed donut shake, Classic Kookies & Kreme, and Choc Honeycomb.

But, before you get your wallet out, these shakes are only available in Australia, as a promotion for its summer season.

"We have been a popular destination for milkshakes for a long time, and we've also seen the 'loaded shakes' as a trend," Jack Minchin, digital marketing manager at Krispy Kreme Australia, told Daily Mail.

"But we thought of our original twist to this, which was to include our own iconic Original Glazed donut actually within the shake. We think Australia will love it!" Minchin said.

However, despite looking delcious, is their Kreme Shake really the first time a donut and milkshake have been combined?

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