Krispy Kreme Has A Nutella Stuffed Donut, But Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Listen up, Nutella lovers! Krispy Kreme has decided to simultaneously grant your wishes and break your heart all at once!

The announcement of the famous donut chain's new treat has traveled quickly, as people lost their minds upon hearing that a Nutella stuffed donut was in existence. That's right, the original glazed donut is now stuffed with the hazelnut spread, and it's causing a lot of hysteria. It's not like a jelly donut, though, where it's a little bit of filling at the center. No, it's a classic ring donut encasing a crazy amount of Nutella. Think of it as a stuffed-crust pizza, except a donut.

Krispy Kreme

Now I know what you're do I get my hands on one of these donuts and does it come with a shot of insulin to counteract the insane amount of sugar? I've got the answer to both questions, and you're not going to like either of them.

The Nutella-filled donuts are currently only available in the Dominican Republic, and they don't come with the aforementioned insulin shot. It's a little disappointing, but if the donut does well in the Dominican Republic, or if people complain enough, odds are it'll be making its way to North America.

But this donut controversy (don-troversy?) got us thinking...what other flavors are we missing out on because we're in North America?

These are some of the most drool-worthy flavors we're missing out on, and now that I know this I'm suddenly very upset.


It's unclear what's actually in this donut besides champagne flavor, what is clear is that we're extremely jealous of Selfridges Foodhall in London for being the only carrier of this donut.

Cherry Blossom (Sakura)

Available in Japan, the pretty pink donuts are filled with a sakura filling that is both salty and sweet at the same time. They're covered in pink icing and a cute floral pattern on top.

Biscoff Cookie Spread


Okay so I've never had Biscoff, but it sounds basically like cookie butter and now I want it. The U.K. has a Biscoff donut that's filled with the spread, glazed with it, and then topped with cookie crumbs and white chocolate. It sounds like heaven.

Kit Kat Krispy Kreme

The quadruple K donut literally has a stick of Kit Kat in it, basically like a lollipop stick. You'll have to head to the Philippines if you want to give this one a try, though. Or I guess you could just buy a Kit Kat and do it yourself.


The classic coffee-flavored dessert has been turned into a mouthwatering donut in South Korea and the U.K. It's filled with mascarpone cheese, espresso flavoring, and topped with cocoa powder.

Parmesan Cheese

Alright so this might be the most intriguing donut. Is it a sweet treat with a salty topping? Or is it supposed to be savory? I guess we'll have to travel to Thailand to find out.

Salted Caramel Slider

Krispy Kreme

Y'all. It's a donut ice cream sandwich. My brain cannot compute this. The classic Krispy Kreme donut is filled with salted caramel ice cream, caramel sauce, and topped with cookie crumbs. You can also get it in a cookies and cream version, but both of them are only available in Australia.

Cheesecake Nutella

Alright, talk about the best of both worlds! This donut is stuffed with cheesecake filling and topped with Nutella. You'll have to buy a plane ticket to Puerto Rico to try one, but honestly, it's probably worth it.

Cinnamon Apple

Though apple pie is an American classic, this cinnamon-apple filled donut is only available in Canada.

Which of these "foreign" donuts would you like to try the most?

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