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Kroger To End Discount For Seniors, See If Your Location Is Affected

If you do your groceries at Kroger, then you might be in for a surprise the next time you go shopping.

The retailer made a big announcement, trying to disguise the bad with the good.

The good? Well, they're slashing prices left, right, and center! Nearly 2,000 items were heavily discounted.

These are some of the price cuts they've made:

  • Red seedless grapes were $2.59 per pound, now they are 88 cents per pound Sweet red cherries were $4.99 per pound and are now $2.99.
  • Kroger brand peanut butter went from $2.29 per 16-ounce jar to $1.49.

But here's the bad news, in exchange for giving better prices, they're slashing the senior discount program.

“We want all customers to save every day, without regard to shopping day,” Jennifer Jarrell said in a statement. “These new lower prices on thousands of items throughout the store make the shopping experience easier and a great value for everyone.”

By cutting the senior discount program, the grocery retailer will be taking away a 5% discount on merchandise and prescription drug prices every Wednesday for seniors.

Not all Kroger's are currently cutting the program, but these states will all be affected, if they are not already.

Affected Areas

  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Eastern Alabama
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Ohio

Some people are against this decision by Kroger.

"Well geez...nothing like stickin' it to seniors. You have to buy "store" products in order to save. What's so great about that? How does that help on produce and other things you buy that aren't "store" products? The senior discount applied across the board. We're not all stupid. Well, I shouldn't worry about it....I shop at Meijer's. Now I know why."

-- Julie Spears

Others, however, are making the argument that seniors have had a longer time to accumulate wealth, so why should they get discounts?

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