Watch: Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Heat Up The Oscars With "Shallow"

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Watch: Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Heat Up The Oscars With "Shallow"


The 2019 Academy Awards went off without a hitch last night - despite not having a host after the controversy with would-be emcee Kevin Hart in December.

But as the show ran along at a good pace, there was a noticeable lack of memorable moments.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper managed to stand out among the thank-you speeches and nervous nominees as they performed "Shallow," their Oscar nominated (and Oscar winning, later that night) song from A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper
The audience was surprised as the duo took to the stage without an introduction.ABC

Unlike other songs nominated in the same category, there was no introduction before the curtain rose and the two stars stepped out on stage, so it made for a very dramatic moment.

Dressed in matching black and white (the eccentric Gaga kept things simple with a glamorous black dress and updo) the pair stood facing each other in front of a piano as Cooper belted out the first notes.

If this performance is your first time hearing "Shallow" you must have been living under a rock since October. The song is still topping Billboard's Digital Music Chart as fans play it over and over.

It wasn't the first time Cooper joined Gaga on stage to perform the song (they also shared a duet at her Las Vegas residency) but the duo took things up a notch for the Oscars.

Toward the end of the song, Cooper scooched close to Gaga on the piano bench, with their heads leaned in close together for a very intimate moment in the midst of a huge awards show.

The chemistry was so intense that viewers on social media joked Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, might have felt a little jealous. But Shayk and Cooper were very warm and cuddly with each other during the ceremony, so don't even think of starting any rumors!

Do you think "Shallow" was a highlight of this year's Oscars?

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