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Cashier Teases A Girl's Purchase. He Didn't Anticipate Her Dad To Face Him

Lappin Family / YouTube

After a man's child went to the Dollar General to purchase pads, he could not comprehend the manner they were dealt with at the checkout. He took a video of his exchange with the worker and published it on YouTube with the title "Angry Papa at the Dollar General," describing: "A Dollar General clerk humiliates my 12 year. old child while purchasing pads. I face him."

He included: "My children got back ashamed and were weeping over this sorry example of an individual."

The video starts with the daddy strolling into the shop to have a word with the worker, discussing that his better half and children were in the store purchasing pads and "you split a joke and shamed my partner and humiliated my children."

He then asks if the staff member "believes that's all right."

Lastly, the worker speaks, stating, "I wasn't attempting to humiliate your family." But the papa isn't having it, discussing, "you said a joke about purchasing pads for a 12 years of age lady ... who simply began her cycle."

The staff member then describes that he "wasn't making a joke about them," keeping in mind that he had asked if they required a bag and "when she stated yes, I said 'what do the next-door neighbors believe?'".

The daddy stays calm, while informing the worker he has "a performance history" of the habits, keeping in mind that "if you keep doing it, business's going to get a phone call and you aren't going to have no f ** kin employment anymore.".

He also said that he's "not cool with" the comments, describing that his children "are ashamed, weeping, my other half is ashamed, and I'm not alright with it." He encourages him to keep his mouth shut at work and avoid joking about consumers, as he's seen the staff member carrying out in the shop prior to.

The father even more discusses that the people's task is to inspect individuals out which, there's no requirement for any joking at the clients' cost. Another client is heard speaking with the staff member also, encouraging him to state he's sorry.

The dad then proceeds to speak to the supervisor, who naturally is stunned by the staff member's habits.

The father later on supplied an upgrade on the YouTube video, sharing that other individuals had comparable experiences, keeping in mind: "So everybody understands, after this video was published on Facebook a great deal of females stepped forward and spoke up on how they were pestered by this person. Yes he was fired and now he operates at a gasoline station here in the area. Not behind the register however as a stocker.".

Lots of people discussing the YouTube video went over the worker's remark and absence of apology, with a single person mentioning: "Many remarks are recommending that this guy is on the autism spectrum. Whether he is or isn't is quite unimportant. Obviously this guy has a performance history of harassment of female clients, so even if he does not rather comprehend social standards, he ought to plainly understand at this moment that whenever he makes 'jokes,' they aren't proper. And after that to not ask forgiveness when he gets challenged?".