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Country Legend Larry Gatlin Offers Cash Reward For His Stolen Grammy

We've reported on some unusual cold cases before, but the mystery of Larry Gatlin's pilfered Grammy may be the strangest one yet.

The country legend is offering a cash reward if you know just who took his prized trophy.

"It's on your mantel or somewhere in your house"

The Gatlin Brothers Band

While Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band had dozens of Top 40 singles, the country legend only had one Grammy win.

Gatlin took home the trophy for Best Country Song in 1977, for his hit "Broken Lady."

The statue reportedly found its way to Gatlin's restaurant in the Mall of America, Gatlin Bros. Music City Grille, until it was stolen in 1994.

In a new press release, Gatlin says now is the time for the thief to finally come clean.

The Grammys

"In this charged, heated atmosphere of politics that we live in," he wrote, "where I believe that very little is viewed through the prism of what is true and what is right and wrong..."

"I have a question for someone in America out there...You have Larry Gatlin's Grammy for "╦ťBroken Lady' for Song of the Year. It's on your mantel or somewhere in your house."

"What do you tell people when they come over and ask you how you got Larry Gatlin's Grammy?" he asks.

No Questions Asked

Larry Gatlin
Larry Gatlin

Gatlin guarantees the thief - or anyone who turns him in - that he won't press charges, and will provide a written guarantee saying so.

"You can just say you bought it at a pawn shop," he said.

Gatlin is even offering an unlisted cash reward for the trophy, but don't get your hopes up if you expect to hunt down the Grammy and hit the jackpot.

A news article from 1994 mentions a guitar and trophy stolen from Gatlin. But it only lists a "$1,500 replica Grammy" missing from the restaurant.

The Grammys

Grammy winners get a gold-plated trophy sent to them after the awards ceremony, so it's unclear if Gatlin's stolen award is the real deal.

But it seems the country star is an easy target for thieves, because he also complains an embroidered jacket was grabbed from his car in Las Vegas.

He's so ticked off over the thefts that he wants to join forces with Angie's List founder Angie Hicks for a business called No Questions Asked, which would let thieves return stolen good anonymously.

"You pay $100, Angie takes $10. You ship it to a warehouse and no one knows where it came from. I would love to have my Grammy back... and my Manuel coat."

You can email assitant@absolutepublicity.com if you have any leads on Gatlin's stolen property!

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