Las Vegas Shooting Victim Who Was Shot In The Head, Walks For The First Time After Emerging From A Coma

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Las Vegas Review - Journal

The Las Vegas shooting that took place in early October rocked the nation. It was only the last shooting in a series that have plagued the U.S. over the last couple of decades. 59 people were killed, and over 500 wounded. For those that tragically died and their families, there are nothing but questions and "what ifs?" For those who were wounded, for many of them, the road to recovery is going to be a long and grueling process.

Tina Frost was struck in the head by a bullet on that fateful night. The shot hit her in the right eye and proceeded to shatter the front portion of her skull. She was left in a coma, with doctors having no answers as to if or when she may wake up.

But this past week, some good news finally managed to make its way out of her hospital room; she had woken up and had even managed to take her first steps.

Las Vegas Review - Journal

When Tina first woke up, she was unable to move any parts of her body. But slowly things started to come back online. She has since hit several other milestones including: opening her remaining eye, tapping her foot along to the beat of music, responding to questions with a thumbs up, and most importantly, breathing unassisted.

She has even been able to receive visitors including famed dance group the Jabberwockies.

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