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How The Ice Bucket Challenge Founder Lost His Battle With ALS, But May Still Win The War

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The campaign began when a relative of Senerchia challenged his wife to join the "Cold Water Challenge", which was popular at the time, but the husband and wife saw the potential to bring awareness to a disease that wasn't well-known.

People were quick to join in on the fad, with famous celebrities such as Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Swift, Bill Gates, and many more taking part to bring attention to this terrible disease.

I challenge #StevenSpielberg, #HelenMirren and @DayalManish. In the name of ALS...

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The results were staggering: 17 million online videos of people taking part were recorded, with over 440 million views, and a whopping $200 million raised for ALS research and advocacy.

Senerchia was able to survive with ALS for 14 years, and in that time witnessed the vital change he had started in order to help people across the world still suffering from the disease.

Because of his ALS diagnosis, Senerchia was unable to purchase life insurance, but you can donate to a fund to help his family in this difficult period. He is survived by his wife and young daughter.

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