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After A Gift From His Late Grandma Was Stolen, "Angels From God" Gave Him A Touching Surprise

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Just in time for Christmas, a viral video from a California high school is reminding us all about the true reason for the season.

Shawn Hawkins, a 15-year-old student from Antioch High School, was heartbroken after a gift from his late grandmother went missing while he was in gym class. The student's bag was too big for his gym locker, so he left it sitting on the ground outside of his class.

A 3DS Xl.Digital Trends

That's when a thief took what mattered most to Hawkins. He ignored the boy's cell phone, his ear buds, and even video games in his backpack, but took a Nintendo 3DS XL game system.

The game system was a gift from the teen's late grandmother, but also had a special significance to Hawkins, who dreams of becoming a video game designer when he grows up.

“I was very distraught and sad,” he told a local newspaper.

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Hawkins left a message on the school's whiteboard, asking for the system to be returned "no questions asked," but there was no luck. But one of his fellow students noticed how badly Hawkins missed the system, and planned a touching surprise.

Now, a video of their incredible gift is going viral.

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