10 Things Only 'Law & Order: SVU' Fans Will Understand


I grew up watching Law & Order: SVU with my mom, and still watch it to this day. I cannot think of a show I have ever loved more than this one, from the cast to the plot to the character development, it's just amazing.

If you're a dedicated fan like me, you'll know there are things only we know when watching Law & Order.

1. You know the breakdown of each episode.

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2. You want your own Elliot Stabler.


He's protective, he's charming, he's HANDSOME, and he's willing to risk his life to save someone else's. What more do you want??

3. The more innocent someone seems, the more guilty they are.


Anyone who watches the show knows that if the team questions someone at the beginning who seems pretty innocent...they're probably not. Oh, you're just a friendly neighbor who wants to protect the area?


4. You don't trust anyone anymore.


Everyone is a criminal. No one is exempt. When you meet someone new, you analyze their every move and think to yourself "what would Olivia Benson say?" She's the only person you trust, and for good reason.

5. Each story is way too real.


Have you ever watched an episode and thought "wait...haven't I see this before?" It's because you've seen the real story on the news. Somehow, the fact that the stories are ripped from the headlines makes the show that much more intense.

6. One detective always gets too into it.


You can guess from the first four minutes which detective is going to get too wrapped up in the case. If it involves a child, you know it'll be Elliot Stabler...there's really no other option. Each detective has their trigger, and it's not difficult to identify.

7. You're surprised that everyone else is surprised.

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Yep, I'm lookin' at you, Ice T! I understand that nothing will ever make your job easier, but at some point you've got to realize that working in the sex crimes division means that you will undoubtedly encounter sex criminals.

8. You know the person they're interviewing didn't do it because it's only halfway into the episode.


If you're the #1 suspect 25 minutes into the episode, there's no way you're guilty. Talk to me when we're nearing the 38 minute mark...THAT'S when I know things are serious.

9. You know this drinking game is trouble.

You'll basically be down for the count by the time the opening credits are done.

10. Benson always wins.


You can't fight it, you can't deny it. Olivia Benson is always and will always be the best. Don't test her.

What's your favorite part of "Law & Order"?

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