Lay's Debuts 3 New Mouthwatering Flavors And We Can't Wait To Try It

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Lay's unveiled Crispy Taco, Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Fried Green Tomato as their three new mystery potato chip flavor finalists.

“Each of this year’s finalist flavors is a delicious expression of the dish and story that inspired it, and we’re looking forward to having America decide which one will come out on top," said Guzman.


Real Simple got a chance to try the chips and they voted Fried Green Tomato as the best. It may sound like a weird seasoning for chips, but apparently it "tasted just like the real thing." Crispy Taco didn't seem to go over too well as it tasted "just like a meaty hard shell taco." if you're a fan of cheese, then the Everything Bagel will satisfy, but apparently it could use more "everything" spice.

You can judge the chips yourself when they hit the shelves on Monday, July 24. You'll have until October 8 to try it then decide which one you'll vote for. Once you make up your mind, visit Lay's on Twitter or Instagram or to vote. Don't forget to use the hashtags #Sweepstakes entry and #VoteEverythingBagel, #VoteFriedGreenTomato, or #VoteCrispyTaco to cast your ballot.

Which flavor are you excited to try first? Let us know!

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