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11 "Lazy" Cleaning Hacks That You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Cleaning has never been my favorite chore, and I'll be the first to admit that I cut corners sometimes.

But doing things "the easy way" doesn't mean you can't keep your home spotless and tidy.

If you know the right tricks you can clean your home's problem areas in a snap, and spend the leftover time relaxing.

Try these 11 "lazy" cleaning hacks that really work.

1. Line your fridge with Glad wrap


It may not be as clingy as it once was, but you can still get a lot of use out of this plastic wrap.

Your fridge needs regular cleaning to keep your family healthy. But the job goes much faster when stains just peel off the shelves.

It's a little like wrapping your sofas in plastic covers, except guests probably won't ever see the inside of your fridge.

If you really hate the look of the plastic wrap, try washable plastic placemats instead.

2. Hang a dryer sheet over the AC unit


Bad odors are a lot like Canadian coins: no one knows how they got in your house, but they're a serious pain to get rid of.

This old dorm room trick works in any home with an air conditioner: hang a scented dryer sheet over the vent and enjoy the sweet smell it blows out.

If something still smells funky, try these 7 natural and easy ways to deodorize your home.

3. Pour Kool-Aid in your dishwasher


Speaking of smells, how can an appliance that washes dishes smell so gross?

You could open up the filter and scrape out all the grime inside, but that takes time and effort.

It's much simpler to pour unsweetened Lemonade Kool-Aid powder into the detergent cup of your machine.

Run the machine on a warm cycle and voila! Your washer is now unscented and sparkling clean.

Oh, and by the way, you should never rinse dishes before washing them. Seriously.

4. Dust ceiling fans with a pillow case

Thinking outside the box makes this annoying cleaning job a breeze.

The trouble is that when you dust your ceiling fan, all the crud on the blades just falls to the floor.

But not if you use an old pillow case.

Fit the blades inside the pillow case one at a time and gently wipe the top and bottom at once with the case.

The dust is trapped inside, and you can simply wash the case to reuse it.

5. Use cleaning slime for those awkward jobs


Vent grills, the little spaces between appliances, and the field of crumbs under your fridge. These are the small spaces that just seem impossible to clean.

If you're willing to try something new, you can get good results with cleaning slime.

This absorbent slime doesn't leave a mark behind but vacuums up dirt and dust.

You can order special slime online or make some yourself - here's a tip: keep kneading the slime until it's completely solid.

While the slime is great for floors and in-between spaces, be careful about using it on electronics. Small, slimy pieces will sometimes seep inside.

6. Clean blenders and more with the touch of a button


Plenty of small kitchen appliances will clean themselves with almost no work from you.

Machines like blenders, juicers, food processors, and electric kettles can be cleaned with just a button press if you fill them up with a cleaning solution first.

A one-minute run with warm water and dish soap is good enough for most products, but kettles should be boiled with warm water and lemon inside.

Be sure to rinse off any soapy residue afterwards.

7. Steam clean a microwave


I know the trouble with microwaves firsthand: you ignore it for too long and soon the inside is full of stuck-on food stains.

Before you tire your arms out scrubbing the machine, soak the inside with steam.

Put a microwaveable bowl of water with lemon juice inside the machine and run it until the inside gets steamy.

Now the microwave walls can be easily scrubbed, but be sure to wear oven mitts or safety gloves to protect your hands.

8. Soak your toilet brush

Cleaning School

A toilet brush should be cleaned after each use with warm water. But if you don't have the time or energy, you can keep your brush smelling fresh between uses.

Pour a small amount of lemon-scented Pine-Sol cleaner into your brush container and it will stay free of nasty odors.

9. Pre-clean shower grime

Phillip D. - TripAdvisor

Wiping away mildew in the shower is one of my least-favorite household chores, because it just never ends.

The smart way to deal with grime is to prevent it from forming in the first place.

After every shower, wipe the walls down with a designated "shower towel" or a squeegee. Getting rid of moisture between the tiles protects the walls from grime.

There are daily "no-wash" shower sprays that do the same thing, but there's no reason to buy an extra product when an old rag will do the job.

10. "Dust" with a lint roller


The lint roller is much handier than most people give it credit for.

The sticky roller picks up dirt, dust, crumbs, and other small messes. And when the job is done, you just peal the tape off and start again.

It's also great for hard to reach places, unusual objects like screen doors, and everyday dusting on living room surfaces like lampshades.

But the tape is also strong enough to collect pet hair and fabric pills. There's nothing it can't do!

11. Furniture polish works on everything

Compact Appliances

Wood furniture polish isn't just good for your cabinets, tables, and desks.

It can also give your kitchen appliances their shine back.

You always want to apply polish to a towel, rub on a surface, and wipe away excess polish with another cloth.

Spraying or rubbing it on directly can cause an uneven look. And the one thing polish is not good for is cleaning floors.

Have you tried any of these tips before?

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