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Learn A New Language Anywhere With This AI-Enhanced App

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Unlike the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," you can master a language at any age! Thanks to apps like Mondly, you can become fluent in a new language and actually have a fun time doing it. Different from other language learning programs, Mondly personalizes the process using advanced speech recognition, giving you positive feedback once you pronounce words and sentences clearly and correctly. Trust us, this is a far cry from your stiff, high school language class.

With Mondly, you'll get to choose 5 out of 33 languages to master including Arabic, Dutch, Korean and many more. To better prepare you to speak in the outside world, Mondly completely immerses you in a language and its culture by allowing you to converse with native speakers, and even interact with animals and objects. Along with forming words and sentences, you'll have access to a complete dictionary and conjugator, making it easy to expand your vocabulary and get comfortable with common phrases. And with Mondly's updated version for iOS, you'll have access to a handful of courses full of lessons designed for restaurant staff, flight attendants, hotel receptionists, and more. Basically, no matter where you visit or work in the world, Mondly has got you covered!

For a limited time, Mondly is offering its users a lifetime subscription for just $69.99. With the regular retail price of nearly $2,000 bucks, this is a deal you simply can't pass up. 

Get your Mondly: Lifetime Subscription for just $69.99 here.

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