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Learn Up to 6 Different Languages and Have a Blast Doing It

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The world is flattening and it's more important (and useful) than ever to know how to speak more than one language. Whether you're preparing for an epic trip, brushing up on a new language, or simply want to impress your friends at parties, uTalk Language Education gives you all the tools necessary to master a brand new language. 

Unlike other similar language programs, uTalk Education provides its users with real, practical vocabulary that native speakers actually use in their day to day lives. Choose up to six languages from a list of 130 different languages including Albanian, Croatian, Finish and so many more! And don't stress - you don't have to learn all six of the chosen languages at one time, you can pick and choose the order and pace of your learning experience. uTalk is a far cry from traditional (and quite frankly, boring) language learning methods.  You can access your account from just about anywhere and pick up right where you left off. Effortlessly keep track of your progress and achievements as you explore interactive games and captivating lessons featuring actual native voice actors. 

uTalk Language Education is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, Mac and any web browser. And for a limited time, you can buy a lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education for a mere $29.99. That's a 92% discount! Now we're speaking the same language. 

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