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How Long Can You Keep Your Leftovers In The Fridge After Christmas? Experts Weigh In

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Middelburg Observer

The most wonderful time of year consists of a table filled with some kind of poultry and meat, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, carbonated drinks, wine, and delicious desserts like pumpkin or apple pie.

If that doesn't make you salivate and make you love Christmastime I don't know what will.

It's nearly impossible to not make enough food to feed everyone with all those options on the table.

You can have a handful or dozens of people over and somehow you are always left with a lot of leftovers.

Once everyone is stuffed on the Christmas feast, it's time to pack everything in the fridge and freezer.

But how long will these leftovers last in the fridge before they're putting your family at risk for contamination and food poisoning?

One expert weighs in on the safest storage times for each food.

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