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A Married Couple Asked To Legally Die On The Same Day, And Our Hearts Just Broke

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We all want a fairy tale-like romance between our partner, and some of us are lucky enough to fall in love with our best friend.

But no matter what bond you share with your other half, you're going to be devastated to lose them. You can't help but think that the rest of your life has to be spent without them - without the one person you spent most of your life with.

There are some couples who even death can't keep them apart. Two years ago, Leonard and Hazel Cherry, who were together for 74 years, naturally passed away only a few hours apart.

However, not every couple's life is going to end like The Notebook.

Charlie and Francie.Daily Mail

Charlie Emerick, 87, and his wife Francie, 88, from Portland, Oregan were married for 66 years. These two best friends met in 1947 at college, and got married less than five years later.

Both of them were diagnosed with cancer, but survived. However, as old age weakened their bodies, Francie suffered several heart attacks, and Charlie was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

By two separate doctors, the parents-of-three were both considered terminally ill and had only six months to live.

While Francie could have lived longer, despite her weakened heart, she knew she couldn't after Charlie's passing...

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