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LEGOs Are A Better Investment Than Gold, According To New Study


As we delve deeper into the 90s resurgence, a lot of items we used to own back then have suddenly become very valuable.

From TY Beanie Babies to Pokémon cards and Polly Pocket items, a lot of toys from the 90s have appreciated in value since we last played with them, with some fetching thousands of dollars on auction sites.

But there's one toy that trumps them all: LEGO.

Of course the value of these items are dependent on what people are willing to pay for them, but according to a new study, LEGO is consistently worth higher than the rest.

The study, which was published by Russia's Higher School of Economics, found that LEGO sets make for better investments than stocks, bonds, and even gold.

The researchers' calculations determined that over the last 30 years LEGO sets were able to provide a better return on investments by 11 percent per year.

"Lego sets don't show a significant correlation to the financial crises and can be seen as an attractive investment with a diversification potential," wrote the study's author Victoria Dobrynskaya.

It's not exactly clear why LEGOs are so much in demand, but it could be due to the nostalgia factor, their creative value, or the fact that there are now movies, video games, and books based on the multi-colored building blocks.

"Nobody expects to hear that but you know, that kind of thinking has been around for a long time. LEGO is a fantastic portal into creativity," Gods & Monsters store co-owner Todd Fisher told Fox 35.

However, it's important to note that not all LEGO sets are equal when it comes to resell price. According to the experts, special edition sets and rare individual pieces sell better.

"You'll get people that want certain single figures that are only available in the larger set," Fisher explained.

If you're wondering which sets are worth investing in, you might find it helpful to know how much some of the popular collectibles are currently selling for.

The LEGO Model Team Giant Truck which was released in 1999 is currently listed on eBay for nearly $2,000.

But it's not just items from the 90s that are worth a lot, the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon from 2007 is valued at $969 and the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer is on the site for a whopping $3,889.

So if you still have LEGO sets in mint condition, it might be worth holding on to them for a bit longer.

You may not necessarily be able to add them to your actual investment portfolio, but it's comforting to know that all the pain you experienced from stepping on the blocks could pay off in a big way if someone is willing to cough up the cash.

Do you own any LEGO sets?

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