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Leopard Attacks Giant Python To Protect Her Babies - Who Do You Think Will Win?

Imagine you are walking down a path in the jungle and you hear a noise in the bushes. You approach cautiously to investigate, and find a ginormous python slithering around. You run, right? Well, not this leopard.

In a dramatic video from National Geographic, a leopard cub in South Africa's Kruger National Park discovers a rock python lurking nearby. Mamma leopard knows something is up when her cub becomes tense and ready to attack. The protective mother fearlessly approaches the snake, which is the largest snake species in Africa. They're both up for a fight.

In a terrifying move, the python lashes out at the leopard with its huge fangs. Mamma holds her own by swatting the snake's body and head with her claws. The snake starts to retreat, but the leopard wants him gone for good. As the fight progresses, we want to find out - who will win?

A safari group was just passing through when they caught the rare footage. It's a good thing they came back with a story to tell!

We want to hear from you! Who did you think would win the fight? Why?