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Spring can be one of the most beautiful seasons, and not just because the cold is gone and the sun is bright. Everything in hibernation starts coming to life again, and that includes beautiful flowers from around the world.

You will want to visit the Netherlands after seeing this.

A French photographer has captured spectacular aerial views of the Dutch tulip fields in full bloom, and the results are mind-blowing. Normann Szkop took a his camera on a plane to demonstrate the beauty of Anna Paulowna, North Holland, in April.

From the air, the tulip beds look like giant technicolor patchwork quilts, with rectangles of pink, yellow, purple, orange, green, and red.

Normann Szkop Photography

You won’t see this many tulips anywhere else in the world. Holland, which grows over 3 billion tulips every year, exports over $700 million worth of tulips to other countries.

Normann Szkop Photography

"The tulip has come to be a loved symbol of the Netherlands,” Normann said. “Many tourists visit the country just to see the bright coloured flower and the astonishing view over the bulb fields.”

And can you blame them? Just look at that.

Normann Szkop Photography

Although the growing season lasts from March until August, Normann took his photos at a time when all the tulips exploded into bloom at once.

“The season begins in March with crocuses, followed by the daffodil and the yellow narcissi,” he said. “In April the hyacinths and tulips blossom to some time in mid May, depending on the weather. Later, in August it is time for the gladioli.

Normann Szkop Photography

If you’re looking for a good time to visit the Netherlands, April could be it. But Normann explains that tulips are such an important part of the culture, that you can enjoy them whenever.

“Even when spring is over, the Netherlands is still a garden and visitors can enjoy flowers all year round,” he told Daily Mail.

Normann Szkop Photography

Holland has been growing the bulbs for over 400 years and they continue the beautiful tradition to this day. It’s not just for looks though - the country’s economy depends on it.

Normann Szkop Photography

“In the 20th century, the bulb flower business continued to boom, resulting in the establishment of auction and trading houses, large-scale cultivators and cooperatives,” Normann said. “Today, The Netherlands exports bulb flowers in large quantities to over a hundred countries worldwide.”

Normann Szkop Photography

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