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Letting Go - 7 Ways To Move On From Your Past

Whether it's a failed relationship or a painful decision, we all have regrets in our lives that seem to nag us non-stop. It can be exhausting to carry all our emotional baggage through our daily lives, but no matter what you do those uncomfortable feelings love to linger in your mind.

It can be incredibly hard, but you can overcome painful memories. When your past comes back to haunt you, remember these 7 helpful tips to move on and start fresh.

Remember: change is good. It can be scary to turn the page and leave your past behind, but it will also make you as stronger person in the end.

1. Talk it out

Our regrets can feel devastating, because we're often the only ones who know what we're dealing with.

Reveal what's bothering you to the person you hurt, or a friend who will understand. If you can't, writing a letter to yourself would help too.

2. Don't continue to live your regrets

We can't change how we acted in the past, no matter how hard we try. But you can affect the present and the future, so start living a better life today and focus on that.

3. Understand you can't change the past

This can be challenging, but to let go you have to fully accept that events you regret from the past are outside your control. The next time your mind returns to painful thoughts, remind yourself that there's nothing you can do now.

4. Live in the present

Your mind can get clouded by regretful thoughts so easily, but you can choose what to focus on the rest of the day.

Fill your mind with positivity and good choices and you'll have less time to focus on your painful memories.

5. Give yourself a break

The fact is some of the things we obsess over aren't that bad, or as important to the other people affected by it.

This can be hard to accept for very caring people, but sometimes all you need to do is forgive yourself.

6. Visualize a second chance

It can be helpful to imagine the situation that keeps bothering you, and think through how you would act differently today.

Visualize the situation or write out how you would act today, it can be very therapeutic.

7. Recognize how much you've changed

Regret is so painful because throughout the years we really do become different people.

Identify what's changed in your life and how you've grown, and you can see why your decisions in the past are hard to accept.

If you understand and identify the behavior you regret, you can move on and leave your old self in the past.

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