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Police Issue Warning About Scary New License Plate Scam


Do you own a car? If yes, do you have your license plate number memorized?

Most drivers know this number by heart, some can even correctly recite their registration number and their odometer's exact reading, but not everyone can say the same.

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Now, police are encouraging motorists to memorize the digits on their vehicle's plate because it could help them easily get out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Fishers Police Department in Indiana issued a warning in a Facebook post about a scam that every driver, whether they're located in Indiana or not, should be aware of.

They recounted an incident that occurred recently involving two men who attempted to get a female driver to pull using an arguably clever tactic.

According to the viral social media post, the men, who were driving "a powder blue small size pick-up truck" pulled up alongside a female driver. Once they got her attention, they told her that her license plate had come off her vehicle and fallen on the road.

"He held up a license plate pretending it belonged to the female," read the post.

Luckily, they couldn't outsmart the woman because she quickly realized that the number on the plate they had shown her didn't match the one registered to her car.


"Thankfully the female knew her license plate number and recognized that she was in danger. She did not pull over, but continued driving," Fisher Police Department wrote.

The Indiana police department then urged Facebook users to call 911 if they are ever approached in this manner, and to share the message with their family and friends.

Suspicious Activity Alert in the area of 116th St/Allisonville Rd Fishers, Indiana. Occurred yesterday, a female driving...

Posted by Fishers Police Department on Monday, January 29, 2018

Memorizing the plate number of the vehicle you're driving, even if it is borrowed or rented, is one way to make sure you and your passengers don't become victims of a roadside crime.

It's also important to always take caution when pulling over, even if you suspect that it's an unmarked police vehicle. Always try to stop in a well-lit public area to ensure your safety.

If you've been driving within the speed limit, and haven't broken any traffic laws that you're aware of then you should have your guard up. If the situation seems suspicious, and you can't confirm if it's a real police officer that stopped you, don't hesitate to call 911. Last summer, two women in Mishawaka, Indiana, got out of a dangerous situation where the individual who pulled them over was impersonating an "undercover cop." It was a call to 911 to confirm the man's identity that saved them.

Have you ever been asked to pull over by a stranger? Let us know!

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