While Her Son Was On Life Support She Got A "Heartless" Text From Her Boss

Crystal Fisher

Having one of your children in the hospital is every parent's worst nightmare.

In fact most parents literally can't imagine anything worse.

So when Crystal Fisher from Albion, Michigan was almost fired for staying by her critically ill son, she shared her outrage online.

Fisher and her son, Jason.Crystal Fisher - Facebook

"I didn't know what was going on, how my son was or nothing."

Fisher's upsetting experience began last week, when she rushed her 18-year-old son, Jason, to the local hospital.

He was quickly transferred to a nearby children's hospital and immediately put on life support.

While a hospital visit is nerve-wracking for any parent, Jason's case was particularly stressful.

"They wouldn't let me in the room," Fisher told WMMT.

Crystal Fisher

"I didn't know what was going on, how my son was or nothing. Finally, a doctor came out and said they had to put him on life support."

The reason for the dramatic reveal was confusion over just what made Jason sick.

Doctors were unsure what was wrong with him at first, but now say he's suffering from a type of sepsis.

While still at the hospital, Fisher sent a text message to her boss, explaining that she would miss her shifts that weekend.

But Fisher says she was stunned by the heartless reply she got back.

"There is no reason you can't work and I will not tolerate drama."

PS Food Mart

Fisher works at the PS Food Mart grocery store, run by Folk Oil.

She told her manager that Jason was "out of the bad" but still on life support, and that she would have to miss her shift.

But she offered to let her know "as he starts to get better so that way I can return to work with no problems."

Crystal Fisher

"That isn't how we do things," the manager replied, "so I'll accept that you're quitting."

"I never said I was quitting," Fisher replied, "so I take it that [you're] firing me?"

"If you can't come to work that's you quitting," the manager told her.

"There is no reason you can't work and I will not tolerate drama. End of conversation."

Crystal Fisher

As Fisher told her boss, this was not a simple eye doctor or dentist's appointment, but "my child's life that we [are] talking about."

She challenged her manager to think what she would do in her situation, but only got another nasty response.

"I still have bills to pay and something to keep me busy and occupied," the manager said. "We don't just get to come and go as we please."

"Your son is in the best place he can be. I have a store to run and that's my focus."

"I pray for you."

Fisher shared the text messages with Folk Oil, and also put them on Facebook.

Crystal Fisher - Facebook

She said her manager showed "no compassion or sympathy at all," and plenty of people agreed with Fisher.

After her post went viral, PS Food Mart weighed in on the case and took the upset mother's side.

"We are investigating the situation and will make sure that it is resolved quickly and thoroughly," the company wrote in a Facebook post.

PS Food Mart - Facebook

"We have already been in contact with our employee and have communicated our support and assurance that she will be allowed any time off needed."

"We are sympathetic to anyone, especially our employees that have a loved one in the hospital."

The chain later said the manager herself was fired for the text message exchange.

Fisher says despite the rude response, she still likes her job, the company, and the people she works with. But she has a simple message for that rude manager:

"I pray for you, I pray for you. That's all I can say."

Were they right to fire Fisher's manager? Can you see things from her perspective, or was she totally wrong?

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