Like Father, Like Son: Brooklyn Beckham’s New Tattoo Has An Awkward Mistake

Aside from his skills on the field, David Beckham is also known for his numerous tattoos. The British soccer player has over 40 tattoos with each intricate design holding a special meaning.


He got his first permanent body art in 1999 to commemorate the birth of his first child, Brooklyn. The tattoo is his son’s name written in classic Gothic script on his lower back.

18 years after he first went under the needle, Beckham’s oldest son is now taking a page out of his book. A few weeks after his 18th birthday, Brooklyn got his first ink as an homage to his dad.

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He followed it up with six more tattoos, but it's his newest art that has people bewildered.

When it comes to tattoos, there's no doubt that Brooklyn takes after his soccer star father. Since turning 18 this past March, he has etched his skin with seven permanent designs.

Last week, internet trolls had it out for the teen after he posted a photo of his latest tattoo on Instagram. It reads “Made in England” in old type font, a tribute to his country of birth.

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According to the commenters, who seem to know Brooklyn’s origin story better than he himself, the tattoo is a mistake because although he was brought up in England, he was “made” in New York. After all, he is named after the city of Brooklyn.

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Well, those claiming that the tattoo should be “Made in Brooklyn” are actually wrong. Victoria herself confirmed in her 2001 biography, Learning to Fly, that she found out she was pregnant while in New York but it wasn’t where her first child was conceived.

“I had always liked the name Brooke and then we suddenly thought about Brooklyn. I’d always like it as a place – it’s very multi-cultural, very grounded," wrote Victoria. "And it was only afterwards that I realised how appropriate it was because it was in New York that I found out I was pregnant and where David came after the World Cup.”

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As a matter of fact, Brooklyn was conceived in neither New York nor England, "In fact, I became pregnant in Denmark. We were on tour with Spice Girls and had come to Copenhagen,” Victoria said in an interview. "David visited me and yes ... so it happened," she added.

Luckily for Brooklyn, the tattoo is technically not wrong because he was born and partially raised in England before moving to the U.S.

The attention may be on his "wrong" tattoo now but Brooklyn isn't the first Beckham to have a tattoo fail. Back in 2000, David got Victoria's name written on his sleeve in Sanskrit, but experts later noticed that the name was spelled wrong and it actually said "Vihctoria."

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As for Brooklyn's body art, "Made in England" wasn't the first to stir up social media. His first tattoo, an illustration of a Native American chief, was thought to be "disrespectful" by many.

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The design is an exact replica of David's Native Chief torso tattoo and was done by Mark Mahoney, the same artist that drew his father's.

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