Lindsay Lohan Slapped After Accusing Family Of Trafficking Children

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Lindsay Lohan Gets Slapped After Accusing Family Of Trafficking Children In Bizarre Video

It's been a while since Lindsay Lohan's name was last trending in the headlines, but this past weekend, she was one of the most talked about celebrities after she shared a shocking video on social media.

In the now-deleted Instagram Live video, the 32-year-old actress and singer was seen talking to a homeless family, but when they refused her help she accused them of "trafficking children."

According to celebrity news website TMZ, the Mean Girls star encountered the family she believed were Syrian refugees after leaving a club in Moscow, Russia (she was seen partying in an earlier video).

The bizarre clip shows her approaching the family of four and speaking to them in English as well as in what appears to be a middle Eastern accent of sorts.

During their exchange, Lohan told the family, including two young boys and their parents, that they could come with her so they could watch movies "on a television or a computer."

After insisting, the family started to gather their stuff and Lohan was tricked into believing that they were going to go with her. She was even heard saying, "this is my car right here," but when the foursome kept walking, she became irritated.

"I won't leave until I take you."

At one point, she could be heard saying, "You're ruining Arabic culture by doing this" and claimed that the children were victims of trafficking. She also said, "I won't leave until I take you."

Lohan continued to tail the family, but things took an unexpected turn when the mother got angry and lashed out at her. Within seconds, Lohan let out a gasp and the camera began to shake. She then confirmed that she was slapped by the woman.

"You guys, I'm so scared," she confessed while crying and touching the side of her face.

Social media reacts

As soon as the video was posted, people took to Twitter to express their opinions about the incident.

Some joked that Lohan was trying to kidnap the children while others slammed the Parent Trap star for "her blatant white saviorism."

"Everyone's cracking jokes about Lindsay Lohan trying to steal two Syrian refugee kids from their parents & getting punched in retaliation live on Instagram"”but I'm actually outraged at her blatant white saviorism," read one tweet.

However, there were a few who came to her defense.

One Twitter user wrote that she believes Lohan's "heart could very well be in the right place," but she handled the situation wrong and could've jeopardized "the potential victim's life."

Family problems

Lindsay's controversial actions came just days after her mother Dina Lohan filed for bankruptcy.

The 56-year-old's court documents revealed that she was over $1.5 million in debt after she attempted to mortgage a company called PennyMac Loans.

She listed her Long Island house as collateral, and it was put in foreclosure earlier this year. The $1.27 million property was to be auctioned off this week, but the bankruptcy filing may save it.

According to The Blast, Dina also owes $9,000 and $4,561 in New York and California state taxes, respectively. She also owes $10,000 to Honda, $10,000 to St. Anthony's High School, where her children studied. Additionally, she has to pay an undisclosed amount of money on her Victoria's Secret credit card, which is listed as a revolving account.

Dina's financial woes date back to a few years ago. In 2012, it was revealed that Lohan gave her $40,000 to save her childhood home from foreclosure. However, the mother of four did not pay the former child star back.

In 2013, she was sued by JP Morgan Chase for defaulting on her mortgage and refusing to respond to the foreclosure lawsuit. She eventually made a deal with the bank and was let off the hook.

Do you think Lohan was doing the right thing trying to save the children? Let us know in the comments!

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