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20 Baby Names You Definitely Don't Hear Anymore

What's in a name? Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet?

Maybe, but that doesn't mean you can name your son "Florent" without worrying that he'll be teased at school. Names surge in popularity and go out of style, and some disappear altogether. The baby name website NameBerry came up with a list of "abandoned" baby names that nobody is using.

They compared their database of names against last year's Social Security Administration records, to find ones that weren't being used at all. Here are 10 girl names and 10 boy names that could be due for a comeback.

1. Artemesia for girls and Bard for boys

Artermis was the Greek goddess of the hunt, and the daughter of Zeus. While that's all very interesting, it's easy to tell why "Artemesia" lost its cool - it's too complicated. And what would her nickname be, Arty?

Meanwhile, a Bard is a professional storyteller. Which would come in handy, because at least once every day for the rest of your life you would be asked to explain what your name means and why on earth your parents picked it.

2. Circe for girls and Cassio for boys

It's hard to imagine why Circe has fallen out of popularity. It's another ancient Greek name, but it's also shared by a popular character from Game of Thrones. Then again, there's a spelling difference. She's not the nicest person either, so maybe she's single-highhandedly given the name Circe a bad name.

Unless a parent is really devoted to their calculator, we probably won't see any Cassios for a few years. Although, in Brazil, Cassio is actually very popular.

3. Daffodil for girls and Gulliver for boys

Flower names for girls are still hanging onto the list of most popular names (Rose, for example) but some of the more obscure plants landed on the list of abandoned names. Both Bluebell and Daffodil were not used in 2016.

Gulliver really only has one famous association, and it's a book from 1726, so maybe this name is finally dying off once and for all. Even the movie adaptation starring Jack Black from a few years ago couldn't bring it back.

4. Franny for girls and Humphrey for boys

"Franny" has undergone a renaissance as a nickname for boys named Francis, but it just sounds too old fashioned for modern girls. Although, it's still a popular nickname for Francines across the country.

Sure, Humphrey is just as old fashioned as Franny, but people are still watching Casablanca, aren't they? We say this name is due for a comeback, if only to honor Bogey's incredible career.

5. Jocasta for girls and Kermit for boys

This past year was really tough on obscure Greek names, although Jocasta is prettier than most. I guess parents just aren't reading the classics like they used to.

Kermit was actually very popular for a time, after the birth of Kermit Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt's son. Of course, since the 1950s a very famous amphibian has become so well-known that parents are avoiding the name altogether.

6. Louisiana for girls and Mingus for boys

As far as U.S. states go, you could do worse than Louisiana. We wouldn't name a girl Connecticut or Oregon, but this southern name has a nice ring to it, so it should get some more use.

Mingus was a popular name in pioneer times (note the Mingus Mountain in Texas) but it's fallen off the charts completely since the 19th century. There's no bad association with the name, but it just sounds...weird.

7. Perdita for girls and Placido for boys

Depending on the kind of person you are, you'll either recognize Perdita from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale or Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The royal-sounding name is obscure, but still very pretty.

Of course the name Placido hasn't died out entirely (just think of opera singer Placido Domingo) but it seems like Americans aren't embracing the name like they once did.

8. Remember for girls and Rancher for boys

Maybe Remember has a nice ring to it, but it turns your entire life into an Abbott and Costello routine. "Name please?" "Remember." "Remember what?" "My name." "But you haven't told me your name yet!"

And Rancher has a nice, rugged sound to it, but it would seem out of place if your son grew up to be an accountant, or a ballet dancer.

9. Season for girls and Scorpio for boys

Autumn, Summer, and even Winter have been popular names for girls, but for some reason Fall and Season never had a chance. This would be a great name for someone in the Greetings family.

Of course, Scorpio is a constellation and one of the zodiac signs, but they have a bad reputation compared to other signs. That could explain the name's unpopularity.

10. Zephyrine for girls and Trout for boys

Even if you knew that a zephyr was a western wind, you would probably just name your daughter that, instead of adding the "ine" to the end. We doubt this name will get picked any time soon.

And Trout? There's something fishy about giving your son that name.

Check out the whole list of names on NameBerry if you need more inspiration.

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