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List Showing 10 Most Sinful Cities In The US Leaves Some People With Explaining To Do

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To err is human, but us humans sure seem to do a lot of erring, don't we?

Credit monitoring company WalletHub set out to figure out just how much sinning happens in America's biggest cities, and wound up ranking more than 180 cities from least to most sinful.

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This isn't just a tally of each city's church-goers, the list uses statistics like violent crime rates, excessive drinking numbers, charitable donations, and even tanning salons per capita (remember: vanity is a sin).

In total, the study compared "32 key indicators of evil deeds" to decide the final ranking. “No place is innocent," the website warns. "We all have demons.”

Here are the 10 Least Sinful Cities, according to WalletHub:

173. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

174. Aurora, Illinois

175. San Jose, California

176. Santa Rosa, California

177. Plano, Texas

178. Port St. Lucie, Florida

179. West Valley City, Utah

180. Brownsville, Texas

181. Pearl City, Hawaii

182. South Burlington, Vermont

California and Texas both come off pretty favorably on this list. But despite Port St. Lucie's spot in the Least Sinful list, Florida makes a few more appearances on the list of Most Sinful Cities.

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