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List Showing 10 Most Sinful Cities In The US Leaves Some People With Explaining To Do

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Both Florida and Nevada are the obvious losers on the Most Sinful list. Anyone could have guessed that "Sin City" would take the top spot, but Las Vegas defied our expectations by making the list twice.


Here are the 10 Most Sinful Cities, according to WalletHub:

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

9. Tampa, Florida

8. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

7. Detroit, Michigan

6. Henderson, Nevada

5. North Las Vegas, Nevada

4. St. Louis, Missouri

3. Miami, Florida

2. Orlando, Florida

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

You can check out WalletHub's entire breakdown of the survey for some interesting facts. For example: the city on the list with the worst violent crime rate, Detroit, was 36 times worse than the best city in the same category, Irvine.

In this map by WalletHub, the dark purple color represents sinfulness.WalletHub

Salt Lake City recorded the most thefts, but also the highest charitable donations as a percentage of income. Sounds suspicious to me.

And while they didn't break the top 10, Memphis and Madison both made the list of top five worst cities in two categories each. Finally, the most vain city on the list, Las Vegas, had 60 times more tanning salons than Jersey City, the least vain city.

How did your city measure up? Share this story and tell us!

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