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'Little Brother' Rescue Cat Is Determined To Bond With 'Big Brother' Who Doesn't Like Him

The adorable image of 'brother' cats, Mori and Loui, snuggling together was a long time in the making. You'd never know it by looking at the two of them now, but Mori wanted nothing to do with little Louie.

In 2014, kitty mom Jocelyn Tsaih, adopted Mori from a shelter when he was just five months old. The fuzzy ginger kitten was more than happy with his new living arrangement with mom and her roommates.

When Tsaih moved in with her boyfriend, Mori came too. But after several weeks of working long days, the couple realized that Mori was bored at home alone. So, they decided to adopt a companion for him from the same shelter.

Enter Louie.

Tsaih tells Catsmeowlovers that the first meeting didn't go so well. Although Louie was excited to meet his new brother, Mori was "far from thrilled."

According to Tsaih, Mori would his whenever Louie tried to make friends. But with every rejection, sweet Louie refused to give up on trying to win his brother over.

Tsaih and her boyfriend decided to separate the 'brothers' for two weeks. When they re-introduced them, something changed.

Mori wasn't as aggressive. Louie took this as a good sign, and he couldn't resist curling up next to his older 'brother' on the couch.

Slowly, Louie's persistence paid off. Eventually Louie nudged his way into Mori's arms and the two finally became the brothers Tsaih knew they were meant to be!

Tsaih says that the two buddies spend their days snuggling, giving kisses and following each other around the apartment.

How wonderful! All that persistence finally paid off and now these two are bonded brothers for life!

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