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Little Kitty Wandered Onto An Oil Rig, Charmed Her Way Into The Worker's Hearts

She was probably really hungry when she climbed onto that ship. The little calico's curiosity lead her to a floating oil rig 50km off the coast of Taranaki, New Zealand.

The three-month-old kitten was found stowed away on board a supply vessel that docked at a gasfield rig.

The workers were pretty surprised to find a feline guest aboard, but they quickly presented her a can with a can of sardines and some fresh water.

They named their new little crew member Maui and gave her some first class attention. After having a delicious lunch, she was greeted with plenty of cuddles from all the guys on board.

Since she couldn't stay, they called a helicopter and arranged a first class ticket to the St. Aubyn Vets clinic for a health check.

She passed her check-up with flying colors and got a bath for her troubles.

“She was very shy but passed the vets health check with flying colors," the clinic told Cats Meow Lovers. "With her exploring the rig she got a little dirty so we gave her a bath, towel dry and to make it all better she was given dinner and a cuddly bed.”

The little calico was loved by all who met her, but one crew member took a special shining to the sweet stowaway. He convinced his wife to take her home and now Maui has a forever family!

Maui the kitten: the cutest stowaway ever

#Watch: Maui the kitten: the cutest stowaway ever? The plucky feline got first-class treatment after smuggling herself onto an offshore Taranaki gasfield rig.

Posted by Stuff.co.nz on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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