What Are The Stars Of "Little People, Big World" Actually Worth?


What Are The Stars Of "Little People, Big World" Actually Worth?

Since 2006, TLC has followed the Roloffs through their every day lives. Though their routines may not have been glamour-filled, Little People, Big World gave the audience a glimpse into what it's like to live with dwarfism, something that was rarely seen on television.

"When you're only four feet tall you feel like you're living in a world that wasn't meant for you," Matt Roloff, the father of the family, says in the opening credits. "I can remember as a child spending my life in the hospital wanting to see the outside world. Now I get to make those dreams come true for our kids on this 40 acre farm in Oregon. My parents live just down the street. They're of average height. It might surprise you to know that Amy's parent's are of average height too. We have four kids."

Of the four kids, only one of them is a little person.

We watched as the Roloff family grew up, grew apart, and started families of their own. After 11 years, though, it's hard not to wonder what kind of money the family is bringing in. Being a TV star for over decade has to pay well, right?

We did some digging and uncovered how much each member of the family is worth.

Jacob Roloff

Jacob is the youngest of the Roloff family (now 20 years old), and often times felt left out. He appeared in all the episodes when the series started, but as time went on he was seen less and less. Jacob ended up quitting the show, calling it "fake and scripted." He's rekindling the relationship now, and it seems like he's finally found who he is.

As for money, Jacob accused someone (he didn't say who) of withholding his share.

"Man I wish it didn't feel like I was getting fu*ked out of the money from the show that was my childhood right now."

The youngest Roloff also released a book, called "Verbing", which is available for $5 on Etsy.

NET WORTH: $300,000

Molly Roloff

In Touch Weekly

24-year-old Molly was the only daughter of the family, but she always stood her ground with her brothers. As time went on, Molly chose to stay out of the family spotlight and focus on her education. After graduating at the top of her high school class, Molly chose to study at Whitworth University. She married Joel Silvius in 2017 on the Roloff family farm in Oregon.

NET WORTH: $300,000

Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy is one of the Roloff twins, who are now 27 years old. He is of average height, while his brother, Zach, is a little person. There was always competition between Zach and Jeremy, but at the end of the day they were always there for each other. Jeremy is an accomplished photographer and author, and married his long-time girlfriend, Audrey, in 2014. The couple welcomed their first child, Ember, in 2017.

NET WORTH: $300,000

Zach Roloff

US Magazine

Zach is the only one of his siblings with dwarfism, and he often felt left out because of it. However, his parents pushed him to be himself and Zach grew into a confident, soccer-loving man. In 2015, Zach married his girlfriend, Tory. In 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Jackson, who also has dwarfism.

NET WORTH: $300,000

Amy Roloff

TV Guide

Mama Roloff dealt with a lot, including a nasty split from her ex-husband, Matt. She struggled to make sure all her kids were doing well, all while trying to run the family farm. Amy has spread her wings since the divorce, and now she is the author of a cookbook called "Short and Simple."

NET WORTH:  $4.5 million

Matt Roloff

Gant Daily

Matt Roloff was in charge of the Roloff family farm, and he often took his authority a little too far. Matt hit rock bottom when he was arrested for driving while under the influence, but was found not-guilty after a jury misconduct. Matt and Amy split in 2014, but Matt continued to work on the farm and still does. He is currently dating a woman named Caryn, a long-time employee of Roloff Farms.

NET WORTH: $4.5 million

Do any of the their net worths surprise you?

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