L.L. Bean Is Changing Their 100-Year-Old Policy, And It Affects Every Customer

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L.L. Bean has been an American institution for over a century. The outdoor retailer has long provided customers with excellent customer service and products that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


They also have this incredible Bootmobile.


L.L. Bean is perhaps most well-known for their 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy, which allows customers to return any and all products from L.L. Bean, regardless of how long they've had it or how damaged it was. The policy was originated by Leon Leonwood Bean, who saw 90 of his first 100 pairs of boots returned to his store. He gave each customer their money back and vowed to make a better boot.

This policy has been in place for 106 years, but now the company has made some serious changes to it.

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