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Lobster Found With Pepsi Logo "Tattoo" On Its Claw Has People Baffled

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While Lindstrand can't seem to explain how the lobster got its marking, Abbott thinks it has a lot to do with debris in the coastal waters.

“What it really tells us is the prevalence of marine debris in our coastal waters," Abbott explained. "This is a case where the lobster not necessarily has been hurt by it, but it shows that even in the relatively deep waters off Grand Manan there’s garbage down there."

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The marine expert said that there are ongoing efforts to rid the waters of garbage, but it's still a huge challenge.

"A lot of the plastics we worry about float, but if they’re filled with water or other materials they’ll sink," he added.

The viral photo is a reminder to people that sea life is suffering because of the amount of pollutants in the world's oceans. About 8 million of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually gets dumped into the oceans, according to Plastic Oceans.

Abbott also admitted that ropes and debris are a common sight for those who work in the fishing industry, however a lobster with a Pepsi can image is "truly unique."

How do you think the lobster got the marking on its claw? Let us know!

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