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Local Police Help War Veteran Beat The Heat With New Air Conditioner

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ABC News

Julius Hatley's 911 call was a little unusual: the 95-year old World War 2 veteran hadn't been robbed or threatened, in fact everything about his house was in perfect condition - except for his air conditioning. During the night both Hatley's central air and his window unit stopped working. Fort Worth, Texas is no place to go without air conditioning in June, and the heat actually woke Hatley up.

The officers who responded to Hatley's call admitted it was "low priority," and they did other more important calls first.

But even thought they admit they're "not A/C repair people," they couldn't stop themselves from helping Hatley.

Hatley and officer Margolis.CBS News

Officer Christopher Weir and his partner William Margolis headed straight for the nearest Home Depot to find Hatley a new machine. While they were gone, Hatley stayed cool by sitting on his porch - and even doing a little work in his garden.

"His smile is infectious, and he's a World War 2 vet and he shouldn't have to be with no A/C," Weir told ABC News. "Once in a while, we see people where we can do something that makes them feel better and it makes us feel better too."

Hatley and Weir.ABC News

But the two officers weren't the only ones happy to help this veteran in his time of need.

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