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Local Restaurant Shipped a Milkshake Across the US to Grant Dying Woman's Wish

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An Ohio native in hospice care in Virginia had a dying wish fulfilled last month when a restaurant shipped a mocha milkshake from their popular suburban Cleveland restaurant.

50-year-old Emily Pomeranz died on Friday of pancreatic cancer just 4 days after she had the shake she was longing for.

When her friend Sam Klein heard his friend's request during a visit to her hospice he jumped into action.

“I went to visit her in a hospice a few weeks ago and asked her if she needed anything .. She said with a smile, I wish I could have one more Tommy’s mocha milkshake,” Klein said.

Klein, who now lives in Washington D.C., also grew up in Cleveland. Klein contacted the Tommy's restaurant in Cleveland Heights to arrange the long-distance order.

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