Lonely Cat With Twisted Face Waited For Months To Be Rescued, He Finally Gets His Day In The Sun

Dizzy was born looking a little bit different from the other kittens in his litter. Although no one is entirely sure how it happened, the little grey tabby came into this world with a twisted face.

He has one eye, one nostril, and a crooked face with a protruding snaggletooth. Not only does he look a little odd, he has these 'typewriter' ticks that cause his head to shake once in a while.

Dizzy was abandoned to a shelter where he waited for several months before his forever family found him.

Luckily, Happy cats Haven is a no-kill shelter in Colorado Springs, CO that cared for him until his family found him on Petfinder.

Melanie and her husband Sal were searching for a new family member when they saw Dizzy's picture and knew that he was meant to be theirs.

"We fell in love with his face… We were surprised at how long they had been there. His condition was normal, aside from being a little shy," Melanie told Love Meow.

Dizzy had been surrendered with his 'sister,' a tortie named P2D2. The couple couldn't bear to separate the two, so they adopted them both!

Dizzy and his sister P2D2 have adjusted well to their new furever home where they can play and snuggle all day long!

It just goes to show, does't matter who you are or what you look like - the right family is furever.

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[h/t LoveMeow]

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