Look At Your Palm - If You Have This Double Line, You're Rare

We've all got special people in our lives that help us through moments of grief and doubt. They're our cheerleaders when we succeed and our shoulder to cry on when we're at our lowest. But only a lucky few are born into this life with a soulmate guardian or caregiver.

This person may come to you early or later in life, but they always come at the exact right moment. There's no need to go searching for them, destiny will bring you together in due time.

Take a look at your palm and tell us which life line looks like yours!

Short Thin Life Line

Contrary to what many people believe, a short thin line doesn't indicate poor health - or an early death - actually, quite the opposite!

A person with a short Life Line knows how to wisely conserve their energy. They are highly in tune with their bodies and know how much energy to give to every project.

If your partner has a long Life Line, they may feel that you don't give them as much energy or attention as they require when it comes to expressing love.

Don't have this line? Maybe yours is on Page 2!

Many people believe that we're born into this world with a destiny - a kind of rough map to follow as we grow and develop into fulfilled beings.

Whether you believe it or not, there are many interesting ways to discover the possible destiny that stretches out before us. Whether through astrology or palmistry, ancient cultures have spent lifetimes perfecting the art of divination.

Find out what fate has in store for you - it's literally in your hands!

Broken Life Line

You're a very busy person!  You don't take too much time to rest between projects, or to review a job well-done. Your unique challenge in life is to learn to slow down, stop and smell the roses.

If you're not careful, you'll miss the satisfaction of a job well done and blow past important learning opportunities. In your rush to get to the next thing, you might miss an important life lesson.

Workaholics tend to have broken Life Lines.

Double Life Line

Look between your Life Line and your thumb - do you have a secondary line that runs parallel to your Life Line? You are highly confident and surrounded by strength and support from friends and family.

Even more interesting is that people with this line on their hands have an extra special connection to someone in their life. This special line indicates a deeply supportive connection with a Soul Mate. Your double Life Line could also indicate that you are closely guarded by angels or spirit guides.

[h/t Palm Reading-Tips / ThoughtCo]