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Look Closely, These Unusual Twins Are The Next Top Models

We all know the "model" look. Tall, thin, angry. But lately there's been a change from the standard model look to something more unique, and arguably even more beautiful.

These models from Sao Paulo, Brazil are turning heads and they definitely break the model mold. At only 11-years-old Lara and Mara Bawar have become superstars, and their future is only getting brighter.

Daily Mail


The pair were born with Albinism, a condition that causes lack of pigment in the skin. For years the bright white skin and hair, and unusually colored eyes, used to be considering a disfigurement. These twins have taken their unique condition and used it to catapult themselves onto the busy fashion scene.


The twins were discovered last year by a Swiss photographer Vinicius Terranova who shot the pair, along with their older sister Sheila who does not have albinism. He photographed the family as a personal project he called Rare Flowers to show the beauty of differences.

Daily Mail

After the project gained popularity the sisters were signed to fashion contracts from Nike among other brands.

Feeling Beautiful

The twins are staying humble despite their success, and they wouldn't change their condition for the world.

"We feel albinism is pretty," Lara told a Brazilian newspaper. "We love our hair, eye color and skin tone."

Looking at the twins it's hard not to agree.

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