Look Inside A Granny Pod But Be Careful...You'll Want One Immediately!

As our families get older, we often forget how much of a struggle it can be to accommodate our parents.

Not because we don't want to help, but adding another person into already tight living arrangements can lead to arguments and tension among parents and children. Nursing homes or retirement complexes aren't always financially an option, so decisions only become more difficult.

But that's why 'Granny Pods' are so amazing! These miniature houses fit in most standard backyards and have a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. They allow aging family members to be close to their loved ones without impeding on peoples' space.

Granny Pods have a ton of features, such as: Safety rails, lighted floorboards, a special floor designed to minimize damaging falls, a first aid kit, a defibrillator, three video cameras, including a privacy-minded one at floor level that alerts the caregiver if the resident falls.

Take a look!



These are nicer than my first apartment!

Granny Pods start at around $85,000. When you consider that many nursing homes start at $50,000 a year without medical costs included, one of these small homes sounds like a great investment!

Would you get a Granny Pod for your family member? Let us know!

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