Looking At Cat Photos Is Good For Your Health

You know how sometimes you're supposed to be doing work and then you end up in the depths of the internet looking at cute cat pictures?

It's not an uncommon thing to happen.

But people tend to associate procrastinating with cats as a bad thing, but a new study is suggesting that pro-cat-stination is actually good for your mental health.

Jessica Galll Myrick, of Indiana University, published a study that indicates the happiness of looking at cat pictures outweighs the feelings of guilt people may feel because of the delay in progress.

The Spruce

The study surveyed almost 7,000 people and their internet habits, also taking into account their personality traits. The results show that "the happiness gained from viewing Internet cats can moderate the relationship between procrastination motives, guilt, and enjoyment."

Another study through Hiroshima University in Japan by Hiroshi Nittono came to a similar conclusion.

“This study shows that viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness, possibly by narrowing the breadth of attentional focus,” Nittono says.

Cutest Paw

So basically, not only does viewing cat pictures make you happier, it also makes you more productive after the fact.

If your boss, parents, or teachers come at you saying you're wasting your time...just show them this study.

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