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She Was Everywhere In The 90s, But You Wouldn't Recognize Lori Petty Today

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When you think of major 90s movie stars, there's a few names that come to mind. One that most people will mention in Lori Petty, although if you ask them where she is now, the answer will most likely be "huh...I'm not really sure."

Petty seemed like she was unstoppable in the 80s and 90s. She starred in the show Booker in the late 80s, but it wasn't until A League Of Their Own came out in 1992 that Petty grew to fame.

Lori Petty in A League Of Their Own
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Petty's character of Kit Keller in the iconic baseball movie has long been polarizing. Some people found her endearing and passionate, while others found her annoying and unnecessary. But one thing that's indisputable is Petty's personal journey to fame. In an interview with The AV Club, the actress mentioned that she had been homeless for a period in her life, but learned to use hotels as a way to get access as a bathroom, the pool, and other amenities.

"That’s something that I learned when I was homeless," she said. "Hotels are awesome because they are going to let you in and you can use the bathroom and when you’re young and pretty you can probably use the pool. Somebody might buy you a drink."

Lori Petty

Petty hadn't been used to starring with a bunch of women, as she was mainly cast alongside male co-stars, so A League Of Their Own was a new experience for her.

"Then when we get to A League Of Their Own, I have to be Geena Davis’ little sister who wants to be like her and wants everything that she has and is jealous and upset and mad," Petty said. "Well, that was easy. I mean, she has an Academy Award. I think I can be upset about that. She’s 99 feet tall and she’s drop-dead gorgeous and she’s all feminine and pretty. I had to pretend I couldn’t run as fast as her. That was hard."

Petty slowly built up her reputation as a sex symbol and all-around bombshell, but she never really wanted it that way.

I think many actresses want to be famous and want to be the prettiest, and that wasn't my trek," she once said. "I was thinking, 'I gotta get out of here... how do I get out of here?'"

One way to get out of Hollywood is to star in a horrible movie, and unfortunately for Petty that's exactly what happened.

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