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Lost Engagement Ring Returned In A Crazy Twist Of Fate

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What could have been a living nightmare turned into a perfect sign of fate for a California man.

Three years ago, Nico Bellamy was given an engagement ring by the father of his current girlfriend, to give to her when they decided to get engaged. This ring had belonged to Bellamy's girlfriend's grandmother. Bellamy stored it in a deposit box to ensure it stayed safe, as well as hidden from his girlfriend, Caitie Schlisserman.

When the couple decided to move from West Hollywood to Silver Lake in July 2017, Bellamy retrieved the ring.

Bellamy stated that, he knew was going to propose for awhile so he thought it would be a good time to take the ring out.

He put the ring into a small plastic bag and then placed it back into its box and slid it into his backpack before the move.

Once they got to their new home, he placed his backpack on the ground of his living room and helped the movers bring their furniture inside the house for the rest of the day.

Just a few days after moving in, Bellamy realized he left the ring in his backpack, and went to go retrieve it.

“I went to go get it and noticed my backpack had been unzipped. When I dumped everything out and realized the ring wasn’t there, I ran to the bathroom and threw up immediately,” says Bellamy. “Not only was it this heirloom that was given to me by her dad to keep safe and I misplaced it, but her father was still recovering from his mother passing away just nine months earlier.”

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