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Police Officer Rescues A Tiny Kitten Abandoned Outside, And Now She's Melting Everyone's Hearts

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The police are here to serve and protect, but their job isn't solely dedicated to fighting crime. In many ways, they serve their communities by answering the call of those who simply need a helping hand.

Earlier this year, two officers likely saved the life of a 95-year-old veteran when they installed a new air conditioning unit after his central air broke down.

Officers of the law take an oath of honor to serve even the smallest among us and one night, that oath applied to a little, lost kitten.

Say hello to little Kelsey, this sweet, motherless kitten who was lost in the streets of Lakeland, Florida when Officer Cardin of the Lakeland Police Department (LPD) spotted her under a lamp post.

The good cop was working his usual night shift when he noticed a frightened kitten hiding at the base of a lamppost. She was terrified and trying to find a place to hide, but the officer knew that she probably wouldn't last long on the streets.

Read how little Kelsey's life changed in a big way on the next page!

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