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Loving Dog Walked 200 Miles To Be With The Woman Who Rescued Her

CEN/Daily Mail

When Shavi the black mongrel was seriously injured in a hit-and-run, she crawled to the side of the road and prepared to die.  

Thankfully, two Good Samaritans spotted the poor pup and slowed down to pick her up.

The sweet dog was in extreme pain from several bad injuries, including two broken legs.

Her rescuers named her Shavi and wasted no time in launching an online appeal to find someone to nurse her back to health.

That's when Nina Baranovskaya comes into the story. The kindhearted woman offered to foster Shavi and help her to regain her motor skills.

Nina was with Shavi every step of the way - teaching her how to walk again, giving her basic commands and comforting the sweet dog when she had panic attacks from the trauma of the hit-and-run.

After Shavi had healed, Nina arranged for the rescue pup to live with a loving family about 185 miles away from her home. But just days after her adoption, the sweet dog disappeared and no one knew where she went...

Since she couldn't keep Shavi, Nina made sure to set her up with some trusted friends. Although she was confident that Shavi would be well cared for, a few days after she dropped her off, the dog disappeared.

Her panicked friends called her to give her the bad news. All Nina could do was pray that Shavi would return to her friends, or be rescued by someone in town.

Nina and her family moved to a bigger home, several blocks away from where she had nursed Shavi.

The dog had been missing for two weeks now, and no one ever expected to see her again. But, one day, as Nina was walking along the street, she felt something brush up against her leg.

When she looked down, it was Shavi sitting at her feet!

The devoted dog had eyes for only one human and that was her hero, Nina! When the woman realized how far Shavi had traveled to be with her, she burst into tears.

“I’ve heard amazing stories about dogs’ loyalty, but I never imagined this sort of thing would ever happen to me,” Nina said. “Even now, I can hardly believe this dog traveled such a long distance to find us.”

Now nothing will keep these two apart. Shavi will remain with Nina for good.

“I would never give this kind of friend away again. Animals are the most loyal and loving creatures in the world. For every drop of human love, they are willing to give all of theirs in return, and I know that from personal experience.”

[h/t Daily Mail / Reshareworthy]